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Differentiate yourself and build connections in the manufacturing retirement market by engaging plan sponsors in memorable and meaningful ways.

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Our program, "Manufacturing In Motion: Transforming For a New Industrial Era," is designed to help you build your business by showing manufacturing industry clients and prospects that you understand their challenges—and can offer solutions to help them.

Insights from a Survey of More Than 500 Manufacturing Executives

Use this infographic to engage manufacturing executives on their shifting talent needs, planning for a new industrial era and what the most innovative and tech-forward companies are doing differently.

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Survey Highlights

Use this research to show manufacturing plan sponsors that you understand their challenges and can help them find solutions.

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Strategies for Tackling the Rising Skills Gap: A Manufacturing Challenge

Manufacturers are recognizing the need to develop new strategies to recruit new employees and upskill the current workforce. Share this article with plan sponsors to open up this important conversation.

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Bringing the Skills Gap Into Focus

This mini infographic is a quick way for you to spark a conversation with manufacturing sector plan sponsor clients and prospects.

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Prudential Retirement's Plan Facts for Manufacturers

Embracing the future means embracing change. Whatever the future may bring, we can help manufacturers become more efficient today and evolve into the company they aspire to be in the future.

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Prudential Manufacturing Solutions

Show clients and prospects how to improve their business and the financial futures of their workers both during this current period of intense change and in the future.

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